How To Calculate Amount of Alcohol You Need

How To Calculate Amount of Alcohol You Need

The biggest challenge with planning your special event/party is trying to figure out how much wine and beer to order for the day. You have an idea of how many people are coming but how many of those people are drinking. And out of those people, are they wine drinkers, beer drinkers and/or spirit drinkers. With all the other things on your plate, it’s hard to take the time to figure this out.

That’s why using an alcohol catering company is the right choice. They can help calculate these numbers for you easily. Most of spreadsheets made that allow guest counts to be added and it will calculate how much of each item you need to order. Then they can also give you various options for price points that will fit your budget. This allows you to keep it very simple with entry level wines or even offer something special. You may even want to order enough champagne for a toast or have a few higher end options for the wedding party table.

And finally, when you get to an event with 150 people or move, now you have to figure out who’s truck or SUV you are going to borrow so you can actually go get the product and get it to your venue. Most alcohol catering companies will handle this for you and deliver the order to your place so you don’t have to worry about it.

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